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Easter Bunny Makes a Sweet Delivery to Canada's Food Banks

Posted: 3/21/2013


Cococo Chocolatiers' Facebook Contest means chocolate bars for Food Banks across Canada


Cococo Chocolatiers, the Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut company, has launched an Easter Bunny Spring Road Trip Facebook Contest that will result in sweet donations to local Food Banks across Canada. Every time someone enters the Facebook contest, they'll be triggering a delicious organic Cococo chocolate bar donation. Cococo will also donate a chocolate bar for each Facebook "like" or "share" for the duration of the contest.


Each day for 8 days, Cococo will donate a maximum of 2500 chocolate bars to a local Food Bank, for a total of 20,000 chocolate bars across Canada, a $75,000 retail value.


"We wanted to do something fun and creative to celebrate Easter," says Kristen Halpen, Marketing Manager for Cococo. "Our Easter Bunny Contest is a terrific way for us to interact with our customers and at the same time make a scrumptious chocolate donation to Food Banks across Canada. The Bunny will be making seven stops in Canada plus one surprise stop as well, and in each location we will be donating up to two thousand five hundred bars to charity. It's a fun way for us to help support the cities where we do business through a great network of independent store owners."


And that's just the donation part of the story. So far as the contest itself is concerned, starting today, March 21st, and for the next eight days, Cococo will also be giving away a giant three-kilogram handcrafted Chocolate Bunny valued at $250.00. For a chance to win one of the eight bunnies, contestants must log on to the Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut Facebook page and correctly identify where Cococo's bunny is pictured on its virtual road trip across Canada.


The Cococo bunny is hitting the open road, traveling the highways and byways of Canada - and even back through time! There's a new stop every day so contest players will have to look extra close to make sure they have correctly identified the Bunny's whereabouts.


"As the contest takes off and more people enter, it will mean hundreds, hopefully thousands of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut chocolate bars will be donated to Canadian food banks just in time for Easter," adds Halpen.


Daily contest winners will be announced on the Chocolatiere Bernard Callebaut Facebook page at

For further information, contact:

Kristen Halpen
Marketing Manager
Cococo Chocolatiers Inc.