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CococoBernard Callebaut

Chocolate Bull to Greet Travellers at YYC During Stampede

Posted: 7/2/2012


Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut collaborates with the Calgary Airport Authority to treat travellers to some real western style "eye candy".


Beginning July 5, 2012 visitors coming and going through the Calgary International Airport during the ten days of Stampede will have a chance to view a unique form of Alberta livestock, a 400 kg (880 lbs) bull made entirely out of chocolate! 


Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut Maitre Chocolatier Derrick Pho and Master Chocolatier Patrick Senior have sculpted the bull specifically for the 100-year anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. The locally-owned and operated chocolatier has donated the near life-size chocolate bull to the Calgary Airport Authority.


"As a local Calgary company we wanted to offer unique tribute to the centennial year celebrations of the Calgary Stampede. The airport is absolutely the perfect place to showcase the bull and we are delighted to be partnering with them," said Alana Antonelli, Marketing Manager for Cococo Chocolatiers, the company which owns and operates Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut.


"Showcasing an interesting piece of art like this is a fabulous, fun and lighthearted way to interact with people as they travel in and out of our fair city during this celebratory time," added Jody Moseley, Director Corporate Communications and Marketing for the
Calgary Airport Authority. "We are happy to accept donation of the chocolate bull."


Facts about the chocolate bull:

 - Media and the public are invited to view the bull and sample chocolate from 10:00 am - 11:00 am on Thursday July 5th.

 - The bull will be displayed at the Calgary International Airport from July 5 - July 15th (upper level near WestJet departures, just outside the Airport location of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut).

 - The sculpture is one-of-a-kind made with 100% chocolate.
 - Sculpted locally in Calgary at the Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut factory location on 1st Street SW by Maitre Chocolatier Derrick Pho and Master Chocolatier Patrick Senior.
 - Weighs nearly 500 kg (880 lbs).
 - Took 140 hours to construct and sculpt.
 - Bull is hollow inside.


About Cococo Chocolatiers Inc.
Based in Calgary Alberta, Cococo Chocolatiers Inc. operates eight corporate stores in Calgary and one in Banff. They also support 23 other stores run by independent dealers in Calgary and throughout Canada and the USA. The company employs over 100 Calgarians including the staff working at the local factory at 1st Street SE where each all-natural, preservative-free chocolate and chocolate
product is hand-crafted. It offers the finest chocolate products under the Cococo and Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut brands.
For more information please visit their websites at or

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Kristen Halpen