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CococoBernard Callebaut

lntroducing our new Maitre Chocolatier

Posted: 7/1/2011


The pleasure will be all yours


Cococo Chocolatiers lnc., the Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut company, is proud to introduce our new esteemed Maitre Chocolatier, Derrick Tu Tan Pho. As an acclaimed and award-winning chef and chocolatier, as author of Chocolate at Leisure, and most recently as Director or Barry Callebaut AG's Chocolate Academy, Derrick has built an international reputation for culinary expertise.  His passion for quality will nurture and sustain our traditional Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut products, while his creativity and skills as an innovator will inspire our new chocolate brand, Cococo, and lead us in exciting new directions

For further information, contact:

Kristen Halpen