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CococoBernard Callebaut


In 11th century Europe, families would bring a freshly cut log into their homes every Christmas Eve. father would place it on the hearth, sprinkle it with oil, salt and mulled wine, then say a prayer. The mother or daughter, having saved splinters from the preceding year’s log, would use them to set the great log ablaze. They believed cinders from this Yule log would protect their home from lightning and the devil.


The Yule log tradition persisted in France and Quebec until the late 14th century, when it began to wane as cast-iron stoves replaced hearths. But The tradition did not disappear.  It simply evolved. The great Yule log was replaced with smaller logs that were not burned, but instead were placed in the centre of the table as a decoration festooned with candles and greenery.


Eventually the Yule log evolved into a log-shaped pastry smothered in chocolate icing and sprinkled with holly leaves and roses. At Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut, we believe our exquisite chocolate Yule logs, filled with an array of delectable chocolates, are yet one more evolutionary step forward in the ancient Yule log ritual.