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CococoBernard Callebaut

At Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut we have handcrafted more than a thousand kinds of chocolate delicacies and are continually creating more. At any one time we offer 48, each one a culinary marvel. Select your own assortment, or let us do it for you.

Choose from our classic Presentation Box, our Copper Box - a deep-sided, distinctly European box - or a box dedicated to a selection of our hand-rolled Truffle treats.

Sea Salt Caramels Collection

New flavours and textures unite to create perfect pairings in these four new salted caramel chocolates, made with the same very high-quality Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut® chocolate you know and love. Each box contains 16 caramels in four flavours with just the right amount of buttery, salty sweetness— and our caramel won't stick to your teeth! Using all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, we make our own caramel recipe in our Calgary factory, rolling it out and cutting it by hand before enrobing it in our unique-recipe milk or dark chocolate and then hand-finishing with gourmet sea salt. (140g)

- Fleur de Sel Sea Salt Caramel in milk chocolate

- Thai Ginger Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel in dark chocolate

- Hawaiian Sea Salt Raspberry Caramel in milk chocolate

- Fleur de Sel Sea Salt Caramel in dark chocolate

Our Price: CAD$24.00
Sea Salt Caramels Collection - Click to View
Sea Salt Caramels Collection - Click to View
Copper Box

Choose this traditional European copper foil box in several sizes from 18 chocolates (an Intimate Treat) to 72 chocolates (a Friends and Family Celebration). Each size of our Copper Boxes includes an assortment of milk, dark, and white chocolates with fruit, nut and ganache fillings. There is no better way to treat yourself and friends to a range of delights from Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut!

Copper Box - Click to View
Copper Box - Click to View
Presentation Box

When a special occasion calls for making a special impression, choose the Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut Presentation Box - a visually stunning array of delectable milk, white and dark chocolates with fruit, nut, ganache, fresh and butter cream fillings. Choose one of two sizes: 50 of our creations (450 g) or 100 (900 g). Nobody can eat just one...

Presentation Box - Click to View
Presentation Box - Click to View

Our chocolate truffles are hand-rolled round chocolate balls dusted with cocoa powder or nuts and share the name with the original mushroom truffles only because they look the same (and are as much of a delicacy!). Truffles were traditionally hunted in European oak forests with trained pigs but now dogs are used because they don’t try to eat the truffles. Be careful who you send out for these. (230 g)

Our Price: CAD$34.00
Truffles - Click to View
Truffles - Click to View

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